Mark Reichard
Actor, Our So-Called Loves Ones

"Matt is the kind of director that an actor dreams about having. From day one of rehearsal, he had a clear vision that he always communicated so well. He learned how to speak my language, and how to get what he wanted out of me, all while allowing me room to play and explore my character. He has the patience, the confidence, and the talent that inspires the very best out of anyone privileged enough to work with him."
Jennifer Nangle
Writer/Producer/Actor, Demonic Attachment
"Encouraging, dedicated, organized, professional, and knowledgeable are just a few words that come to mind when working with Matt. You always want to work with someone that will be a team player. Not only is he on your team, but he is also your coach, your cheerleading squad, and your biggest fan."
Adrian Ramirez
Owner, RockSalt Pilates

"Calling Matt amazing is an understatement. He takes direction well and executes like no other person I've worked with. His ability to multitask, yet still pay close attention to detail, is impeccable. Matt is extremely talented and the passion in his work really shows."
Fady Kerko
Actor, Voodoo Love
"Matt gave me my first real short film experience. He is one of the few directors who not only has a vision from behind the camera, but also is very specific about who he puts in front of the camera – I know because he brought me in three times before casting me! Working with him on Voodoo Love was proof that he knows exactly what he wants on a project."
Tina Hovsepian
Executive Director, Cardborigami

"[Matt] is one of the most productive people I have ever met and that is why I asked him to sit on the founding board of my non-profit: Cardborigami."
Dean Larkin, AIA
Owner/Architect, Dean Larkin Design
"I had the pleasure of working with Matt over many years. His professionalism, good nature and responsiveness always impressed me. He is an absolute joy to work with."
Nicci Solomons, Hon. AIA
Executive Director, American Institute of Architects L.A.

"I have the utmost respect for Matt’s professionalism, thoughtfulness, and good humor. He is an especially gifted writer who’s able to craft a meaningful message, with minimal input or guidance, and have it come out flawlessly. He’s truly a wonderful asset on any project he is involved in and consistently demonstrates unparalleled excellence."
Michael Martinez
Newsdesk Editor/Writer/Producer, CNN
"Matt is energetic, creative and conscientious. His good cheer lights up the room. He is always willing to learn something new, and he shows initiative in finding experiences that will expand his repertoire and range as a writer, editor, creator."
Thomas Rene
Actor, With Love 

"Matt's approach to the work was inspiring to me both as an actor and a vocal coach. The collaboration that he fosters among his whole team makes for truly brilliant, cohesive and beautiful art that is filled with truth and purpose."
Dyana Liu
Actor, Demonic Attachment

"First time working with Matt on Demonic Attachment and I'd do it again! He's a consummate professional and incredibly supportive and patient with his actors."
Marco Elorreaga
​Director, ​His Emily + DP, Demonic Attachment

"Working with Matt on two projects has been a learning experience. His knowledge and experience was the support I needed when directing His Emily and DP’ing Demonic Attachment. He was forthcoming with information that enriched scenes and brought out nuances not seen by the naked eye."
Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell
Actor, With Love

"Matt, as a director and as a person, is a natural-born leader and a caring soul. He invests genuinely in every actor and gently pushes his cast with the goal of bringing out the best performance each actor can give. While working with Matt, I gave not only my best possible performance but also improved my craft."
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